Drive-Thru Services

Drive-Thru Services

Your sign can make or break your business, so it’s important to make sure your drive-thru system is installed correctly with customer satisfaction in mind.

Because drive-thru services can have several stages, being anything from a small part replacement to a brand new dual lane installation, we have tailored project management processes for each need. US Sound and Drive-Thru provides quotes and site surveying for your installation or repair, identifying every detail required to complete your project. 

After quotes and surveying have been completed, we will compile any permits required and get started on your project. Our goal is to ensure timely and effective project completion with as little disruption to your day-to-day as possible. 

Request Service

If you are in need of service, maintenance, parts, accessories, or a whole new drive-thru system please fill out this form so we will have a better understanding of your needs. We will be in touch within the next 24 hours.

New Drive-Thru Install

Looking to establish a new franchise location? US Sound and Drive-Thru can install a whole new drive-thru system for your new business.

Starting with the initial plan and quote, we will recommend what state-of-the-art technology to use and whether your drive-thru should be single or dual lane. We will then develop a plan for project completion, including key parts of the process such as a timeline, site surveying, permitting, optimal installation hours, and clean-up. At the end of the project, we will undergo testing and approvals to ensure your drive-thru passes inspections and provides a seamless experience for the customer. 

us sound & drive-thru new installs

Existing Drive-Thru Service & Repair

We know that one of the biggest drawbacks in our industry is hasty installation and cutting corners. We understand the pressures and the need for form and function at all times, which is why we offer on-site and after-hours services and repairs. We offer maintenance and repair services on all drive-thru components, including headsets.

Drive-Thru Components & Accessories

Headset Systems

Drive-Thru Timers

Base Stations


We service and sell everything you need for your drive-thru system. We will have more information posted on our new site soon. In the meantime, please contact us with any questions or drive-thru related concerns and we’ll get you fixed up in no time!